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Ian Walsh

Videographer, Photographer and Digital Designer

Featured Projects

Brosna GAA Promotion Video Project

Brosna GAA - Videography and Livestreaming

Colour Grading Comparison

Final Year Project - Colour Grading

Finno's Fitness - Video Editing and Motion Design

H&H Design and Detail - Videography

My Experience_

I have much experience in multimedia design both personally and professionally.

From my time in third level education I completed an 8-month work placement in the post-production studio Telegael in Spiddal, County Galway along with undertaking several projects as a freelance designer.

Audio Technician
May 2019 - December 2019
Telegael Logo
Trainee Video Editor
May 2019 - December 2019
Telegael Logo
Video Editing and Motion Graphics
May 2020 - Present
Brenóg Name and Logo
GMarsh TV
Production Runner - Bush Kids
September 2021
Brenóg Name and Logo

My Software Proficency_

Over the last 4 years I have developed a wide range of skills around the field of multi-media digital design.

From my studies in the University of Limerick I learned a great deal about
academic research, critical thinking and how to work in a creative teamwork setting.

Along with this I have developed proficency in a range of programs
allowing me to create high quality peices of media combining
visual, audio and artistic design.

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