Cora Murphy

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Short Film, Videography, Drone Operating


Cora Murphy



Cora Murphy is a contemporary visual artist based in Cork City. She reached out to me to put together a small short film to promote her upcoming collection of paintings.

Cora's brief was to capture her painting in the beautiful scene of her new studio garden and portray the feeling that the garden gives. That of a little oasis of peace within the white noise of the city.

To do this we shot some cinematic footage of Cora painting beneath the willow tree, juxtaposed that with recordings of the busy noisy city and transitioned between the two scenes with one continuous drone shot, showing how the garden shields her away from all that noise.

It was brilliant fun working with Cora and we were both so happy with the resulting short film. You can find a link to the video on Cora's YouTube page below along with some stills from the project.

Also be sure to check out her 2023 collection at

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