Ian WAlsh/ Brenóg MEdia


The not moving images

Photography was for me (like many other people working in video), a fun side hobby to do alongside my videography. Sure if I had the camera while out and about I might as well snap a few images along the way. What I didn't expect from taking a few Instagram snaps was to start falling down the rabbit hole of leading lines, framing, symmetry, visual weight , colour combinations, lenses, lighting and so on and on...

Practicing photography really thought me so much for videography and it made me fall in love with the still image medium. As someone who is striving to become a cinematographer, knowing that every good scene is just a collection of well constructed images, really made me understand how important photography is.

Since going freelance I've expanded my photography work, which is something that brings me a lot of joy. This page will be an expanding collection of my work.

If you would like to work with me or need photographic services for your event or business be sure to get in contact!

Some of my favourite captures

Portrait/event Photography

Product Photography

landscapes / Street

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