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Project Overview

For this project, I was approached by John and Denise of H&H Design & Detail to create a promotional video for their business.

H&H Design & Detail is an award winning, local wooden handcraft business in Brosna, Co. Kerry.

They sell various wooden ornaments, gifts and art pieces, all created at their home workshop in the small rural village.

When they appraoched me for the job, the description of what they wanted was a short promotional video (under 1 minute ) for one of their more popular products.

A Family Height Growth Wall Ruler

my work

For this project, I had to concept, record, edit and composite the video to deliver a message which was in tune with H&H Design & Detail's branding.

I was given great creative freedom for this project and worked with John on the first day of the project, shadowing him as he created one of the products, recording several angles of each process, trying to ensure I had far more footage than needed so as to have the maximum room for creativity in the edit.

This recording consisted of handheld, tripod and gimbal footage while also gathering some establishing footage of the workshop using my DJI Mavic Air 2s drone.

On the same day there was a shoot at a faimly home who were relatives to the client. Here we shot footage of the family using the product to showcase the final product versus the process of creation in the video.

The second day of the project was entirely post-production,

I edited the footage in Adobe's Premiere Pro, selecting music from Epidemic Sound and presenting four different draft versions to te client for review.

Each version featured a similar use of clips and narrative progression but varied in their pace and tone. Once the client had selected their preferred version, I continued to finish the smaller details of the edit.

This included using Adobe After Effects to composite 3D text which tracked over the motion in the footage, colour grading and rotoscoping elements in the footage.

The last task I completed for the video was animating an outro sequence from the company branding assets to round off the video.

The resulting product was a 50s promotional video which encorparated the business's branding and themes while also letting me experiment with some very stylistic shots that I couldn't let go unappreciated ( the wooden church doors were too good to not use)

This was a great little project to do, John and Denise were incredibly cooperative and helpful and I hope to work with them again.

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