Finno's Fitness -
Social Media

Freelance Video Editing

Project Overview

Mike Finnegan, the personal trainer behind Finno's Fitness approached me to do some freelance video editing for his social media pages.

This freelance work has me creating

- Recipe Videos

- Client testimonial Videos

- Topic Discussion Videos

- Creating Motion Design for various video assets

my Work

This freelance work has been a great opportunity for me to improve the efficiency of my editing.

Coming out of college ,this was my first paid freelance job so when editing this I had to figure out the balance between value for product and time taken in production.

Learning how much I could charge for certain videos, gave me a benchmark for a time in which I was making a good 'hourly wage'

Doing this has made my workflow in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects speed up drastically.

I have improved my knowledge on keyboard shortcuts, learned workflows to quicken areas of the editing process, the rough edit for example.

Along with this, having to relay a lot between Premiere Pro and After Effects has really improved my inter-application workflows. I have learned how to reuse compositions and assets to quickly and effectively change motion design assets to suit new versions of similar videos such as the recipes cards for the food videos.

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