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Project Overview

My local GAA approached me to assist them in creating a social media campaign to help promote their Car Raffle which is being run to raise funds for a new dressing room and player facilities.
The project scope was to create a 2-3 minute video which highlighted the club, it's achievements, the goal of expanding it's facilities for the future of the club and showcase the raffle prize of a VW Golf.

The first video for this campaign focused heavily on the story of the GAA club and featured the famous voice of legendary GAA commentator Michael Ó Muircheartaigh
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my contributions

Behind The Scenes Project Screenshot 2
In this ongoing project, I am working with the Brosna GAA management committee along with a dedicated think tank made up of volunteers for the advertisement campaign.

From this I have worked to direct, shoot and edit their first advertisement video and will soon create more content for them in the later campaign.

This project gave me great creative freedom while also getting the experience to work with the creative oversight and requirements of the client.

This project also marked the first project in which I operated a drone to capture footage. It also featured detailed editing, compositing and animation work with Adobe After Effects and Colour Grading.

I was very pleased with how the first video came out and will update this page with campaign content as it gets released.

Advertisement Campaign Version 1:

This first version of an advertisement was created for the purpose of paid promotion on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The pace, content and tone of the video is therefore far more energetic, upbeat and vibrant.

The aim of the video was to explain the main details on the raffle/ car and promote the fundraising raffle in a way that engages with a wide audience.

Advertisement Version 2:

This ad had the exact same goal as the first ad but the aim with this version the aim was to reduce the run time, quicken the pacing and promote a sense of urgency as the raffle entered its final weeks.

Advertisement Version 3:

This final version of the car focused ads combines the strength of the other two versions. It finds a pace between the other 2 versions and provides the key details in a quick, straightforward and stylistic fashion. I would say this is my favourite version of the ads.

Improvement is incremental and all that

Livestream raffle

At the very end of this campaign, once the ticket sales had been closed and the advertising campaign ended, the last task to complete for this fundraising campaign was the raffle draw itself.

Due to the online nature of the raffle campaign, the draw process needed to be equally online, ensuring transparency within the process so as to have no chances of tampering.

Since I managed and created the media for the advertisement campaign, Brosna GAA approached me to help them livestream the raffle process.

Livestreaming was not something I had experience in coming into this, I had performed some drawing stream from my personal computer but I had never set up a the multi-camera livestream requiring animated and update-able assets.

While the GAA approached me to just ensure that all processes of the draw would be shown on camera, I had a vision of a more streamlined and informative layout for the stream.

I knew that the process would require at least 2 cameras, it would need assets which I could update so as to display the winning number in real time, I would need to highlight the individual draws happening for each number and display the winning ticket once the raffle had ended. All live!

So yeah I had a lot of work to do in 5 days..

I got started by working on OBS to create a basic structure for each scene for the broadcast, the scenes would display different stages and angles of the process and keep the viewer informed. I configured the audio and visuals using 2 webcams, a USB interface and a dynamic mic, setup the scenes and tweaked the transitions between these scenes.

From here, I had to improve the design and make the whole thing look good. So in After Effects I created a simple animated background using animated gradients, shape layers and masks. Once I had this base animation I could then create other assets to improve the look of the camera and text inputs that would be seen live.

I kept the design within the GAA clubs colours and design.

The draw took place on October 23rd 2021, the livestream went well, with clear audio and visuals (with a small name confusion on the winner!) but overall the design and broadcast was very well received by viewers and the club committee.

I was very proud of this livestream, it was something thrown together incredibly quickly but came out very well.
Animated Background
Starting Soon Screen
Raffle Ended Screen

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