Ian Walsh

Ian Walsh -
Brenóg Media

Videographer, Photographer, Video Editor and Motion Designer based in Cork City.

Born in Cork and raised in Kerry down in the south west of Ireland, ever since I was young I have always been obsessed with making things.

I went through many dreams of what I could create in life but somewhere along all these different dreams of crafting, I found my grá (love) for cameras and design.

With years of professional experience both as a full-time post production technician and as a camera operator, I am lucky to have worked with large international clients and on some great creative sets.

At the start of 2023 I decided to go freelance and expand my creative work as Brenóg Media. The name Brenóg comes from 'Breathnach óg' meaning 'young Walsh' in Irish. I was called young Walsh a lot in my local community growing up so it is a personal thing that I like to carry with me going forward in my professional career.

My aim is to take on ambitious projects in the fields of fillmaking, videography and photography. With years of experience working in the TV, Film and Video industry, I have the skills to work across many fields from pre to post production.

Below you can find details on my professional experience in video editing and camera operating.


Graduating from the University of Limerick with a First Class Honours degree in Music, Media and Performance Technology, I have gone on to gain experience working in the video/TV industry in a variety of roles both in post-production and on set.

I have worked for two major production companies, AV3 Media and Telegael Studios, producing TV and corporate media for high profile international clients, international TV broadcast and Irish TV broadcast.

As a freelancer, I have captured, edited and graded video for local business and corporate clients. I have worked on set as a production assistant for two RTÉ programmes, worked as an event photographer and edited programmes for television.

From this experience I am highly proficient as a video editor, audio editor, motion designer, camera operator and assistant, photographer and drone operator.

av3 media


I worked at AV3 Media based in Ballincollig, Co. Cork for 10 months in a post-production role and as a camera operator. While working here:

- I worked as the lead video editor on several projects for high-profile corporate clients
- I worked as a motion designer, creating informative and promotional content for many projects.
- I helped organise, produce and shoot a major project as well as being lead editor and motion designer for the initial stages of the project.
- I worked as a production assistant and data wrangler for the shooting of season 2 of The Ballycotton Sessions for RTÉ



I worked at Telegael Studio in Spiddal, Co. Galway for 8 months as part of my cooperative education at the University of Limerick. While working here:

- I worked as an Audio Technician, where my main task was Tracklaying. My role was to create the sound design for animated television programmes and work closely with the audio mixers to create an audio design ready for broadcast.
- I worked closely with several producers on various worldwide projects.
- I received training as a Video Editor Trainee from one of the in-house editors with experience working on several TV broadcast programmes.

brenóg MEdia

2020- present

I have been building my personal freelance brand for some time as a professional videographer, photographer, designer and filmmaker. Since starting this brand I have: 

- Created promotional video content for local businesses
- Created a promotional campaign for a local fundraiser which successfully raised hundreds of thousands for the local community.
- Worked as an event photographer and videographer.
- Worked on set for RTÉ productions and indepedent short films.


Camera Work


I have several years experience in Photography giving me artistic skills, communication skills and above all else, the patience to wait for perfect moment.


Working on-set for both TV and Corporate shoots, I have gained great skills in operating cameras and gimbals to provide high quality video work.


Complimenting my videography work I have built up my drone operating skills to expand my video and photos to new heights.


From my media work I have developed vital skills in managing the light of the scene. Understanding the key concepts of lighting allows me to explore my creativity on set.


Video Editing

With over 3 years experience editing I have become highly skilled in the process as well as becoming proficient in Adobe Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve

Motion Design

Complementary to my editing work I am skilled in Motion Graphics Design using Adobe After Effects. Link work between Adobe AE and PP is key to my workflow

Colour Grading

I am highly skilled in Colour Grading primarily through DaVinci Resolve but also with Adobe's Lumetri Colour.

Photo Editing

I am highly skilled in photo editing using Adobe Lightroom, Bridge and Photoshop. Efficient shortlisting and editing is an important part of my photography process.

Other Skills

Asset Creation

I am proficient in Adobe Illustrator and use it to provide assets and icons for a range of projects. An example of this is all the icons on this website which I designed and animated myself!


Working in media I have developed great communication skills and skills in customer relationship management. Clear communication to my clients and co-workers is vital to me.

Production Management

From experience working on several large projects at once, I have developed skills in production management. This includes script supervising, organising shoots, coordinating people on-set and managing multi-editor projects,

Media Management

Media management was a key skill I utilised on set for several productions. Ensuring the safe transfer of data on-set and in post is essential to the safety of a project. I am highly skilled in keeping projects safe, organised and easily available to clients and coworkers.

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